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Race Calendar 2017

 ‘Legendary Circuits’ Series invites you to the best historic F1 circuits in Europe.

This is no official FIA championship, but every weekend is a competition in its
own right, allowing you to cherry pick your events from the race calendar below.


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FISC Race Calendar

Circuit Spa – Francorchamps [B] < click
Spa Open Pitlane – Sunday 19 March 2017
This will be the 7th year in succession, that we’ll start the motor racing season with the SPA test & track DAY.
A relaxed way to check the car, work the winter-rust out of your system and to prepare for the
Spa Classic, Spa 3 Hours, Spa Summer Classic or Spa Six Hours events.
This is an all-comer event for road going and race cars, either pre-war, classic cars, youngtimers or modern cars.
An excellent opportunity for both (professional) racing drivers ánd track day enthusiasts.

Circuit Spa Francorchamps [B] < click
Spa 3 Hours – Thurs-Sat 22-24 June 2017
This will be the 2nd year of a Spa 3 Hours event at Spa  and
of course we’ll be there again. Racing in 3 categories, incl.
invitation class. Two pit stops mandatory. Multiple-driver teams welcome.
GT’s and Touring cars with and without HTP.
Private testing sessions on the Thursday 23 June.

Circuit Zandvoort [NL] < click
Antonio Bertini Memorial Trophy – Fri-Sun 28-30 July 2017
A very laid back event and in Summer time, which makes it an ideal opportunity to
invite friends and the family to this legendary and challenging F1 circuit.
This is an all-comer event for GT’s ánd Touring Cars up to and including 1976,
but later period cars complementing the grid are also welcome.
Now with Open Pitlane Trackday on the Friday.

Angoulême Street Races [F] < click
Friday-Sunday 15-17 September 2017
This will be the 5th consecutive year that we’ll be racing through the streets of Angoulême,
using the old Grand Prix circuit. And our races are always the best.
This is an event for Historic Road Sports Cars up to and including 1971, but
later period cars complementing the grid are also welcome.

Aarhus Street Races [DK] < click
Fri-Sun 25-27 May 2018
Provisional date

This could be the 2nd street race on your race calendar, so click the link above and
join the pole at the bottom of the page.
Classic Race Aarhus is actively supported by the Royal family and has evolved to become the biggest annual motor racing event in Denmark.
This is an event for Historic Road Sports Cars up to and including 1971, but
later period cars complementing the grid are also welcome.

Test & Track Days < click
Why not book a track day or evening and enjoy all those Legendary Circuits at your own
comfort, or perhaps you want to have your private testing opportunity for an event you’ll
be participating in later this year?

– NEW –
Why not book your Track Day Coaching opportunity
with Jan Lammers a.o. and give your learning curve a boost?
All-year-round opportunities, open pit lane, expert drivers and novices,
no race licence 
requirement, now with FREE Tack Day Tips guide.

Don’t be left out, but register your interest today !

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FISC Race Calendar

Other ‘legendary circuits’ we have previously raced on:

Autodrome Linas-Montlhéry [F]

Autodromo Nazionale Monza [I]

Circuit Clermont Ferrand – Charade [F]

Circuit des Remparts [F]

Circuit Dijon – Prenois [F]

Circuit Le Mans – Bugatti [F]

Circuit Nordschleife [GER]

Circuit Nürburgring – GP circuit [GER]

Circuit Spa – Francorchamps [B]

Circuit Zandvoort [NL]

Circuit Zolder [B]

Important events we’ve visited through the years

Spa Summer Classic

In the press

Spa Open Pitlane 2017
Spa 3 Hours 2017

Top-10 of most popular Road Sports and GT’s in Europe

I´ve taken the opportunity to create a web page for each make, describing in just a few words which models are welcome to race in the ‘Legendary Circuits’ Series.

#1 The most popular classic car to race with today is the MG. In particular the MGB roadster, closeley followed by the MG Midget and the MGA. But there are many more MG’s eligible to race in the ‘Legendary Circuits’ series.

#2 On the list of most popular cars raced in Europe are the Lotusses and the Lotus Elan to start with.

#3 Morgan’s are still being raced fanatically in ‘good old England’, but sad enough, we only find few of them on the Continent.

#4 On the list are the Austin Healey’s, and it’s especially the ‘big’ healeys that are popular on the Continent.

#5 The 911’s are most popular amongst Porsches, but the 356C is a strong contender in our 1,600 class.

#6 On the list is the well known Triumph marque. In this case the Spitfire being the most popular model still being raced today.

#7 Despite the economic recession, Jaguars are still high on the list. The Jaguar E Type being the most popular model.

#8 The TVR Granturas, often with BMC B engines, are still very popular today.

#9 For Ginetta it all started with the introduction of the G2 in 1958. Many successful models were to follow.

#10 Soon after WWII, the Alfa’s were the cars to beat and not only in GP events. A wide variety of cars is eligible.

FISC Race Calendar