SPA test track DAY

SPA test track DAY 2017

 SPA test track DAY is an ‘open pitlane’ event, for pro’s or novices, and with a proven track record of being a safe group to be with. The dates perfectly fit the International Race Calendar, which makes our test and track days at Spa the perfect opportunity to do some testing at your own leisure, instead of the usual and expensive private testings which are being offered during the racing events.

Outbraking, as well as overtaking [left and right], are allowed. You will understand that you only perform these activities in a social and sensible manner. Your driving behavior will be monitored permanently by the Clerk of the Course and his Team.

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Prices include your FREE pit box area. You can take as many passengers as you would like and at a club price of only 20€ p.p., which is payable on location. and drivers buy an annual membership card at 40€.

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Don’t miss such brilliant opportunity to test your skills on the  SPA test track DAY or introduce some extra prepaqration time to your race calendar . The SPA events we organize, are – without exception – always sold out at an early stage. Do not unneccessarily delay your registration, but book your event today, so you are sure to be part of the next SPA test track DAY.
SPA test track DAY

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About Spa – Francorchamps

How to get there

Its location makes the circuit very accessible from all sides, whether you are coming from the UK or mainland Europe. Easy to understand that the SPA test track DAYS at the circuit of Francorchamps are annually returning events to the ‘Legendary Circuits’ calendar.
– Travel map with distances to the Spa Francorchamps circuit .
– Book from the widest choice of cheap ferries at
– Put this address in your car navigation: Route du Circuit 55, 4970 Stavelot, Belgium.
– Coordinates latitude : 50.441412, longitude : 5.967497.

>> Below, I’ve found you a nice and learning youtube about the SPA test track DAYS;

Track details

Spa Francorchamps is one of the most challenging race tracks in the world and a true legend in the international motor racing world. In the centre of the Ardennes mountains and surrounded by forest, it is easy to understand its appeal to drivers and spectators alike. The fast, hilly and twisty nature of the track and one of the most famous and dangerous sections of any racing track in the world, the Eau Rouge and Raidillon complex, make Spa unique.
– Circuit length is 7.004km / 4.352mls.
– Track map of the Spa Francorchamps Circuit .
– Prepare your self at home and already have a look at the
 Spa Racing Line .


SPA test track DAY

Driver notes

Upon arrival

– Find the Spa test & track Day Administration upon arrival in pit box #42.
– All drivers – and that includes guest drivers – are certified members.  Annual membership fee 40€ and only payable on location.
– Unlimited passengers per car possible @ 20€ per person and only payable on location.
– This opportunity includes the use of your own covered pit box area.
– Private pit boxes for about 8 cars can be rented on location only and directly from the circuit at about 150€/box.


Both overtaking [left & right] and outbraking are allowed.
– This event presents an excellent opportunity for both (professional) racing drivers ánd track day enthusiasts.
– No race licence requirement.
– Helmets obligatory for drivers ánd passengers.
– For safety reasons it is advised to wear long sleeves and pants [jeans].
– Driver briefings either verbally or in writing.


The number of cars we accept, is always limited to the number of cars which are allowed to drive. You therefore will never end up on any reserve list. Once your entry has been confirmed, you are guaranteed to drive.

test track days

About the cars

Invitation list

The cars that are welcome to this SPA test track DAY;
– Both road going and race cars.
– Pre-war, classic cars, youngtimers and modern cars.
– No single seaters permitted.
– No monospace/family/3wheeler cars permitted.

Important notes

– Cars must have at least one towing eye.
– Tape your headlights.
– No roll cage necessary, except for slicks shod cars.
– All tyres eligible.
– Noise restricted to 103dB, static check at 1m distance @ 75% of max. rpm.
– Total station (RON98) available in the paddock, max. 60ltrs pe
r fill. Credit cards only.
– Although not obligatory, we recommend you have a fire extinguisher in your car.
SPA test track DAY
This Spa test track Day time schedule is provisional until officially confirmed by the officials of this event.

Provisional timeschedule

07:30H – Access to circuit through “Tunnel de Ster” or ” Tunnel de Blanchimont” < click.

07:30H – Administration in pit box #42.
09:00H – Track open.
12:00H – Track closed.
12:00H – Lunch in the Brasserie til 13:00H [ top floor F1 Pit Building ].
13:00H – Track open.
18:00H – Track closed *)
19:00H – Paddock closed

*) Because of early dawn, the November event closes 16:30H.

Any questions left?

Don’t hesitate to visit the “Contact” in the navigation menu and mail me any question you still might have.

spa test track day