BILSTER BERG test track DAY 2020

For the Bilster Berg test track DAY we visit the Bilster Berg Drive Resort, which is similar in style and ambience to the welknown golf resorts. The place was only built in 2013, so it still a well maintained circuit complex, with a great appearance.

The multitude of varying corners makes the Bilster Berg track a very challenging opportunity, for both slow and fast cars. So whether you´ll arrive in a race or road car, this track will always provide you with a  lot of fun!

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The BILSTER BERG test track DAY offers both Expert Drivers ánd Novices a perfect opportunity to enjoy such challenging track. This event has NO race licence requirement. Your group is a very disciplined and safe group to be with.

Any questions?

Should you have any questions about the BILSTER BERG test track DAY, then best leave a message below.

bilster berg test track day

Don’t miss the opportunity to add such varying and challenging track to your CV. With only one visit to the Bilster Berg Drive Resort this year, you’ll recognize that you should not delay your decision to join in too long. If you’re serious about this opportunity, then best register your interest today.


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Bilster Berg Drive Resort

How to get there
  • Book from the widest choice of cheap ferries at .
  • Put this address in your car navigation: Bilster Berg 1, 33014 Bad Driburg, Germany.
  • Coordinates latitude : 51°48’5.08″N, longitude : 9°3’21.36″E.

>> Viewing the video below is a brilliant way to prepare yourself at home, so when arriving at this circuit you already have basic knowledge about its track.

Track details

What makes this 4,2km long track so entertaining is the fact that it has fantastic flowing sections connecting to steep drops and climbs on perfect tarmac where blind corners, jumps, decreasing radius turns and tight switch-backs all throw what the track has at you!

BILSTER BERG test track DAY at the Bilster Berg Drive Resort in Germany, with an open pit lane concept, is considered to be one of the best track day opportunities in Europe. Embedded in the resorts’s landscape, the 4,2km circuit blends into its surroundings in a most wonderful way. Blue print for this 4.2km track comes from the world renowned Tilke Office and was drawn by the rally legend Walter Röhrl. The mix of different ‘racing’ lines, altitude differences of 70m, inclines of up to 26% and slopes of 21%, makes Bilster Berg a challenging track, for both track day enthusiasts, as well as professional racing drivers.


Driver notes


The number of cars we accept, is always limited to the number of cars which are allowed to drive. You therefore will never end up on any reserve list. Once your entry has been confirmed, you are guaranteed to drive.

Money-Back-Guarantee !

Should the weather prevent us from driving on your scheduled ZOLDER test track DAY, you will receive a voucher, which can be used for any next within the next 12 months.

Safe Group to be with

The Clerk of the Course complimented the group on many occasions, stating that our BILSTER BERG test track DAY group proved to be a very disciplined and safe group to be with.

Upon arrival
  • Find the Administration upon arrival in one of the pit boxes #1-6.
  • All drivers are certified members.  Annual membership fee 50€ and only payable on location.
  • Unlimited drivers/passengers per car possible @ 20€ per person, payable on location.
  • Private pit boxes can be rented on location only and directly from the circuit at about 600€/box [8 cars].
Important notes
  • Both overtaking [left & right] and outbraking are allowed.
  • This event presents an excellent opportunity for both (professional) racing drivers ánd track day enthusiasts.
  • No race licence requirement.
  • Helmets obligatory for drivers ánd passengers.
  • For safety reasons it is advised to wear long sleeves and pants [jeans].
  • Driver briefings either verbally or in writing.

test track days

About the cars

Invitation list
  • Both road going and race cars.
  • Pre-war, classic cars, youngtimers and modern cars.
  • Single seaters subject to driver’s experience.
  • No monospace/family/3wheeler cars permitted.
Important notes
  • Cars must comply with the min. safety standards below.
  • Cars must have at least one towing eye, on the front of the car.
  • Tape your headlights.
  • Although not obligatory, we recommend you have a fire extinguisher in your car.
  • All tyres eligible.
  • Note that slick tyres are permitted only if cars are fitted with a suitable roll-over protection.
  • No roll cage necessary, except for slicks shod cars.
  • Noise restricted to 120dB, dynamic check.
  • Petrol station available in the paddock. Credit/pin cards only.


This time schedule is provisional until officially confirmed by the officials of this event.

Provisional timeschedule

08:30H – Administration in one the the pit boxes #1-6.
09:15H – Briefing obligatory for all drivers.
09:00H – Pace car reconnaissance laps til 9:30H.
09:30H – Track open – open pit lane til 12:00H.
12:00H – Track closed.
12:00H – Lunch til 13:00H.
12:15H – 2nd Briefing obligatory only for the afternoon session drivers
13:00H – Track open – open pit lane.
18:00H – Track closed.
19:00H – Paddock closed.

Any questions?

Should you have any questions about the BILSTER BERG test track DAY, then best leave a message using the booking form at the top of this screen.