Chequers Paddock Club

Chequers Paddock Club

The Chequers Paddock Club – which is the heart of our paddock – is the perfect meeting place for all of our guests and their teams and provides just everybody with an excellent opportunity to say ‘hello’ and have a chat. The ‘Legendary Circuits’ Series is a small  club, so you don’t get lost in the crowd. We all know each other and whether you are a driver, mechanic, friend or family, you will always find a genuine warm welcome in the Chequers Paddock Club.

Paddock Club Brasserie
For quite some years now, we’ve added the service of a ‘Brasserie’ to the Chequers Paddock Club, where we succeed to add more comfort to your weekend. The ‘Brasserie’ invites many drivers and their spouses / teams to start the day with a Continental / English Breakfast, enjoy a light lunch at midday, an apéritif in the late afternoon and finish the day off with an exuberant multiple course dinner, ending with a French cheese platter, with accompanying wines and coffees. An unlimited number of refreshments, coffees, teas are waiting for you during day time. I have some great white and red wines in stock, but perhaps you prefer a Dutch Heineken Export Beer? So never a dull moment once you are our guest.

You are encouraged to enjoy the ‘Brasserie’ services, which will add to your experience of a fine day’s racing. And which will make your stay all that extra comfortable. The Chequers Paddock Club ‘Brasserie’ has a limited capacity of 40 seats, which are sold on a first come, first served basis. Target price for the Brasserie services, and that includes the drinks, is about €50,00 / person / day. Racers can invite their spouse or one guest and have priority over racers inviting bigger parties to the Brasserie. Bigger numbers per party in consultation only, please.

Paddock Club Lounge Area
Since 2015, we’ve added a ‘Lounge Area’ to the Chequers Paddock Club, where you or your guest can comfortably chill out in day time, take a refreshment or a coffee/tea during the day or your apéritif before dinner and perhaps end the evening in style. The combination of this ‘joie de vivre’ and the ‘fair competition’ is what makes the ‘Legendary Circuits’ Series stand out and the opportunity you’ve always been looking for.

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