Circuit Dijon Prenois

Circuit Dijon Prenois

Trophées Historiques

  4-7 October 2012

Circuit Dijon Prenois and Trophées Historiques de Bourgogne are one of Europe’s premier historic race meetings organized by PMO at the legendary GP circuit Dijon – Prenois, so much loved by enthusiasts, who will most certainly recall some great French GP’s. Always organized in October, when the racing conditions are optimal.  This event thrives on the well known French convivial atmosphere.

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> The Circuit Dijon – Prenois Line [tuïtion video]
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The number of cars we accept, is always limited to the number of cars which are allowed to drive. You therefore will never end up on any reserve list. Once your entry has been confirmed, you are guaranteed to drive.
Invitation list:
> Production Road Sports Cars under 2L, up to and including 1971, but
> Bigger and/or later period cars complementing the grid are always welcome.
> Speed of the grid at Dijon is 1:38.410 recorded by Lotus Elan S1 on Yokohama Advan tyres.
Drivers | important notes
> Minimum race licence requirement National A or EU licence. Licences must always show an EU flag!
> Although we advise the use of HANS, it is not obligatory for this event.
> Own secluded paddock area, where camping is allowed.
Cars | important notes
> Contour of the car must be period.
> Cars must have its original engine.
> Induction system must be as original.
> Wheels and/or tyres are free, but must fit the body.
> Cars with roll bars are allowed to race in closed or open configuration.
> Full roll-cage must be covered up with either hard- or soft-top.
> Safety spec as per latest version of the FIA App. K
> Circuit length 3,801km – 300m above sea level – max. ascent 11%
> No noise level restrictions.
> No fuel available in the paddock.
> Transponders for hire at the circuit.
Travel | important notes
> Travel distances to Circuit Dijon – Prenois
> Put the address below in your on board navigation;
    Circuit Dijon-Prenois, 21370 Prenois, France
> Fluorescent safety vests must be present in your car in France
> Alcohol testeters [2] alcohol testers must be present in your car in France
> Lay out Circuit Dijon – Prenois  track
> Paddock Club Restaurant – check our restaurant services
> – book from the widest choice of cheap ferries
> Hotels and B&B’s – plenty of comfortable lodging in the area
> Weatherforecast  – what’s the weather going to be like?
> Web cam  – have a peek into the Dijon pit lane
Thursday 4 Oct 2012
10:30H – Access to circuit Dijon Prenois paddock til 20:00H
13:00H – Private testing
14:30H – Private testing
16:00H – Private testing
18:00H – Paddock Club – Apéritif
[no Restaurant service available]
20:00H – Paddock gates closed
Friday 5 Oct 2012
08:00H – Access to circuit Dijon Prenois paddock
08:00H – Paddock Club – Breakfast till 09:30H
08:30H – Signing on in Paddock Office till 18:30H
08:30H – Safety scrutineering till 18:30H
09:00H – Private testing
10:20H – Private testing
12:00H – Paddock Club – Lunch break till 14:00H
14:30H – Drivers briefing – 1st floor Presse Tower nr stairs “B” –  your presence is obligatory!
16:05H – Qualifying 30 min’s
18:00H – Paddock Club – Apéritif
19:00H – Paddock Club – Dinner til 21:00H
24:00H – Paddock Club closed
Saturday 6 Oct 2012 
08:00H – Paddock Club – Breakfast til 09:30H
10:50H – Race #1 – 30 min’s
12:00H – Paddock Club – Lunch break til 14:00H
18:00H – Paddock Club – Apéritif
19:00H – Paddock Club – Dinner til 21:00H
24:00H – Paddock Club closed
Sunday 7 Oct 2012
08:00H – Paddock Club – Breakfast til 9:30H
09:00H – Race #2 – 30 min’s
12:00H – Paddock Club – Lunch break til 14:00H
14:25H – Race #3 – 30 min’s
15:00H – Prizegiving / commemorative bodywarmers for all drivers
16:00H – Breaking down Paddock Club
16:00H – Competitors are kindly requested to delay their departure until 16:00H
Note: this time schedule is provisional until officially confirmed by the officials of this event.

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