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Contact Pieter BAKKER about your Test Track Days opportunities at the legendary Grand Prix circuits.
Pieter BAKKER: “Testing brought me a great deal, as there is always something to improve.”

When testing with us, preparing yourself and/or your car for a new track or simply enjoying another track day, you’ll be enjoying a unique opportunity, which most organizers cannot, or will not offer you;

  • Icing on your cake is that outbraking, as well as overtaking [left and right], are allowed. 
  • Should you be interested, we’ll bring you a proper car for your arrive & drive opportunity. We’ll take the hassle and you just concentrate on the driving.
  • Contrary to many other track day groups, our groups have a history of being disciplined and safe groups to be with.
  • Another safety and comfort issue is that we limit the total number of participants, thus inviting less red flag situations.  Rest assured, that you’ll end up with more track time for your money.

Browsing the test track day pages of my website, I am sure, you’ve not found all your answers yet. Therefore don’t hesitate to make use of this page and fill out the enquiry form below.

Normally, that is when we’re not racing, I’ll be answering your questions the same day or in a worst case scenerio, the next morning.

Hope to speak to you soon, and meanwhile enjoy your motor racing.

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