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If you’re racing yourself and want to join me on my trips to the most legendary Grand Prix circuits, either motor racing events, or the test & track days, then fill out the form below and stop missing the opportunities that you’re really interested in.

Should you be an Historic Motor Racing enthusiast, then you’re equally welcome, and perhaps best start your visit on the homepage. Clicking on the “next page” button at the bottom of each page, will guide you through the website, without missing a page.

When racing in the ‘Legendary Circuits’ Series you’ll be enjoying an unique motor sport experience, where socializing with enthusiasts from all over Europe and enjoying the comfort of the Paddock Club, including Brasserie and Lounge Area are the order of the day.

The series is NO championship, and as a result you may expect competitive, yet ‘gentleman’ racing standards. A National race licence is all you need  to join in !

The race calendar focusses on the legendary Grand Prix circuits only, enjoying much track time, easy going regulations, and no need for FIA HTP, ‘Vehicle Identification Form’ or ‘Heritage Certificates’. Nevertheless FIA cars always race in their own class and the 3L cars participate on either street-, Dunlop Historic or Avon CR6ZZ tyres, in order to slow them down and encourage the competition.

You are invited to cherry pick from the race calendar and I would only be asking you for one entry fee for your weekend, without forcing you to pay any membership- & registration-fees

Enjoy Historic Motor Racing like it used to be and start your journey by filling out the form below right away !
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