Historic Lotus Racing

Historic Lotus Racing

in Europe

A competition based on legendary circuits only

Welcome to the ‘ Historic Lotus Racing ‘ page of the ‘Legendary Circuits’ Series, the first and only motor sport competition based on circuits and only the most legendary GP circuits, which still remain.

The ‘Legendary Circuits’ Series is no championship and you’re invited to cherry pick from our calendar. All prices are all-inclusive, so in our case you do not pay any membership- or registration-fees.

Under the current Historic Lotus Racing regulations many classic Lotus models are welcome to race in the ‘Legendary Circuits’ Series. The most popular model being the Lotus Elan’s and Super 7’s.


The ‘Legendary Circuits’ Series welcomes any Lotus road sports or GT model under 2L, up to and including 1971. But also younger cars that fit the ambiance of the grid are welcome.

The emphasis of the ´Legendary Circuits´Series lies on Road Sports and GT’s, so whether you are racing a Lotus Mk5, Mk6 and Super 7, or your Lotus Elan S1/S2/S3/S4/Sprint/26R/36R, a Lotus Elan+2S [130/4 and 130/5], a Lotus Elite S1/S2 or your Lotus Europa S1/S2/Twin Cam/Special, you are welcome to join in.

But also later period Lotus derivatives like the Caterham, Locost and Westfield fit the ambiance of the grid and are most welcome to join in.

Our GT grid is using a set of regulations that fits one A4 page, and which is mainly based on safety and a friendly budget. You can race on the tyres of your choice, so no need to make an extra investment. And FIA ‘Vehicle Identification Forms’, Historical Technical Passports’ or ‘Heritage Certificates’ are helpful, but certainly not mandatory.

We are a small club, so you don’t get lost in the crowd. We all know each other and share the same ‘old fashioned’ racing ethics, while enjoying the most legendary GP circuits.

We all greatly value the comfort of our paddock and carry a professional hospitality area around Europe, which we convert into our ‘Paddock Club’ once we arrive at a certain circuit. This is where we all meet and have a chat over the weekend. This service is free of charge and definitely the best way to quickly plug-in into the paddock. Our Paddock Club Brasserie offers it’s high quality services at very modest prices, which gives you an excellent opportunity to invite your wife ánd family to the circuits!

The ‘Legendary Circuits’ Series has got all the ingredients, to offer you the ultimate motor sport experience, you’ve always been looking for.

Pick your choice and click the banner below, which will take you to the ‘Race Calendar’ page, or click on ‘Test & Track Days’ , which will bring you to a wide choice of test and track days, all offering you a fine opportunity to prepare yourself, in a relaxed way, for one of the main Continental Historic Race Events. Join in & Enjoy !

Historic Lotus Racing

Historic Lotus Racing