MG Competitions Dept.

MG Competitions Dept.


Welcome to the MG Competitions Dept. based on the European legendary circuits, which still remain and dedicated to all MG models and derivatives, that are welcome to race in this series.

The MG Competitions Dept. is no championship and you’re invited to cherry pick from the calendar, as you please. You’ll only be paying your entry fee for the weekend, so you can forget about these needless membership- and registration-fees, you’re normally being charged. And … you’ll be saving money on your race licence too, because in this series you’ll be racing on your National race licence !

The MG Competitions Dept. has no commercial objective and everyone involved in this series volunteers their time without financial reward.

Still this MG Competitions Dept. is professionally organized and the only historic motor racing series that is offering you the comfort of your own Paddock Club, including Brasserie and Lounge area.

mg competitions

MG Competitions in Angoulême nr Bordeaux [F] recently, where David SMITH [UK] on 1961 MG Midget MkI was chasing Richard WILSON [UK] on 1974 MGB Roadster.

The MG Competitions Dept. welcomes historic Production Road Sports Cars under 2.0L, up to and including 1971. But basically any MG production road sports car that matches the speed and the ambiance of the grid is welcome, which includes bigger and/or later period cars.

Cars, that have already joined the MG Competitions Dept. beforeare the MGA and MGB roadsters, MG Midget, Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite, AH Speedwell Sprite, WSM Sprites, Alexander Sprite and the Lenham LM Coupe. Other models that are most welcome to join in are the  Midget 1500, Jakobs Midget, Sebring Sprites and other derivatives. But basically all MG’s that match the speed of the grid are welcome to join this European MG Competitions, reason that also the bigger MG BGTV8, MG C or CGT’s are encouraged to join in.

This Production Road Sports Cars grid is using a set of regulations that fits one A4 page, and which is mainly based on safety. You can race on the tyres of your choice and FIA HTP are not mandatory. Neither are ‘Vehicle Identification Forms’, and/or ‘Heritage Certificates’.

This is a small  club, so you don’t get lost in the crowd. We all know each other and share the same ‘old fashioned’ racing ethics, while enjoying the most legendary GP circuits.

mg competitions

The MG Competitions Dept. Paddock Club involves a Brasserie, which offers it’s services at very modest prices, and a Lounge Area, where you and your company can chill at your own leisure. Beverages, soft drinks, coffees & teas are available around the clock.

We all greatly value the comfort of our paddock and carry a professional hospitality unit around Europe, which we convert into our ‘Paddock Club’ once we arrive at a certain circuit. This is where we all meet  and have a chat over the weekend. This service is definitely the best way for everyone to quickly plug-in into the paddock, whether you’re a driver, a spouse or a team-member. The Paddock Club Brasserie offers it’s high quality services at very modest prices, and nowadays we even have the luxury of a Lounge Area, where you can chill at your own leisure. No more excuses not to bring your spouse or a friend.

This MG Competitions Dept. has all the ingredients in it, to offer you the ultimate motor sport experience, you’ve always been looking for.

Pick your choice and click the banner below, which will take you to the Race Calendar page, or click on Test & Track Days in the navigation menu, which will bring you to a wide choice of test and track days, all offering you a fine opportunity to prepare yourself, in a relaxed way, for one of the main Continental Historic Race Events. Join in & Enjoy !

MG Competitions
MG Competitions


History of the MG Competitions Dept.

The MG Competitions Dept. already has a long history. It was already in 1924 that the MG logo was registered as a trademark and the first MG was designed and built in that same year. In the 1930’s MG started building and selling their C-Types [1931] and Q-Types [1934], both of which were sold to racing enthusiasts. This group received a lot of support from the MG Competitions Department. The first major success came in 1933 with a class win in the Mille Migla road race, and MG was the first non Italian team to win the race. This all stopped in 1935 when MG was formally merged with Morris Motors and the MG Competitions Dept. closed down.

In the sixties, BMC allocated resources towards developing race versions of their o.a. MG Midgets and MG B’s. The Special Tuning department developed bolt-on parts, which made the B’s much quicker. And the ‘quickest’ parts were made directly available to BMC’s MG Competitions Dept. to help them construct the ‘works’ factory race cars.

At the forefront of the Special Tuning program was the development of the AHT100H cylinder head with larger valves, which the MG Competitions Dept. fitted with a single Weber unit on their Sebring cars. Power was sent through a 3-synchro transmission and 3.9:1 axle to the rear wheels. The suspension received the new adjustable Armstrong lever arm shock absorbers and larger wheels with Dunlop racing tyres.

MG Competitions Dept.

MG Competitions Dept. – Hopkirk and Hedges with Le Mans long-nose MGB in 1964.

Since it was one of the most prolific entry level sports cars, the MG B’s race history could fill an entire book. The race records reveal that the MG Competitions Dept. focused on American audiences by racing at the 12 Hours of Sebring, where the B’s appeared on four consecutive occasions.

BMC also contested the Le Mans 24H race, with a specially prepared long nose MGB, built in the MG Competitions Shop. The best result was achieved on the MG Competitions Dept. first attempt, where the B became the only finisher and winner of the 2.5L class.

Later original production cars were sent into the MG Competitions department and fitted with aluminium wings, door skins, bonnet, boot lid and works hard top. All efforts leading to trimming down the weight of their competition cars.

Such is the value of the original MG Competitions Dept. ‘works’ efforts, that BRX854B, which was put through a thorough restoration in 2007, fetched a recod breaking value of  £141,922 at the 2010 Brooklands Museum sale.

This car retains the original MG Competitions Dept. components like the 770 camshaft with vernier timing gear, AHT 100H cylinder head, Twin 2-inch SU carburetors, twin SU fuel pumps, helical close ratio transmission with competition overdrive, the Banjo axle with 3.9:1 ratio, limited slip differential, lowered coil springs, Armstrong adjustaride shock absorbers, the bigger 5½J wheels, heavy-duty dynamo and Lucas driving lights.

Overall, the MG Competitions Dept. motor sports campaign was a great success in period. While the MG Competitions Dept. never took outright victories, the exposure coming from their national and international motor racing achievements introduced the MG brand to a wide audience, both in the USA and Europe.

MG Competitions