NORDSCHLEIFE test track DAY ‘s 2020

Your Ultimate Challenge !

The NORDFSCHLEIFE test track DAY is a perfect opportunity, even for professionals, to familiarize yourself with such legendary circuit. Sebastien Loeb, a nine-time World Rally Champion, was ecstatic about the Nordschleife. Right after his first reconnaissence laps, he commented: “This is the most challenging circuit I have ever driven on”. Easy to understand, that the Nordschleife is a must for any motor racing enthusiast.

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  • Outbraking, as well as overtaking [left and right], are allowed. 
  • Reduce your costs and take as many drivers and/or passengers as you would like.
  • Expert Drivers and Novices welcome, no race licence requirement.
  • Great opportunity in preparation for the Oldtimer Grand Prix, Nürburgring Classic or VLN races.
Questions ?

Should you have any questions about your NORDSCHLEIFE test track DAY, then best leave a message using the message box of the booking form below.


Don’t miss the opportunity to put such legendary and challenging circuit on your CV. Many tarmac parts of the circuit, have been reconditioned recently, which is another safety upgrade for the circuit. Such is the pull of the circuit of circuits, that we always sell out. Don’t be left out and make absolutely sure that you’re part of the next NORDSCHLEIFE test track DAY by registering today !


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About the Nordschleife

Nordschleife | How to get there
  • Book from the widest choice of cheap ferries at .
  • Put this address in your car navigation: Nürburgring Boulevard 1, 53520 Nürburg, Germany.
  • Coordinates latitude : 50.195372, longitude : 6.562534.

Have a quick lap with Mark LIEB to see what’s it all about;

Circuit details

The original Nurburgring circuit from 1927, originally consisted of the Nordschleife (22,8 km) and Südschleife (7,7 km), together 173 corners. In 1984 the Südschleife was replaced by the less challenging and modern GP Strecke. Although safety levels on the Nordschleife have increased tremendously through the years, the Northern Loop still captures the imagination much more than any modern circuit can. The circuit still resembles the original very much, which is greatly appreciated by the hard-core Nordschleife Aficionado.

  • Circuit length is 20.830km / 12.944mls.
  • Travel map of the Nordschleife < click.
  • Prepare your self at home and already have a look at the Nordschleife Racing Line < click.
  • Paddock map of the Nurburgring – Nordschleife Circuit < click.



Driver notes


The number of cars we accept, is always limited to the number of cars which are allowed to drive. You therefore will never end up on any reserve list. Once your entry has been confirmed, you are guaranteed to drive.

Money-Back-Guarantee !

Should the weather prevent us from driving on your scheduled NORDSCHLEIFE test track DAY, you will receive a voucher, which can be used for any next event and at your own convenience.

Safe Group to be with

The Clerk of the Course complimented the group on many occasions, stating that ourNORDSCHLEIFE test track DAY group proved to be a very disciplined and safe group to be with.

Upon arrival
  • Find the Administration upon arrival near the entry of the “Touristenfahrten” Parking lot.
  • All drivers are certified members.  Annual membership fee 50€ and only payable on location [membership not obligatory].
  • Unlimited drivers/passengers per car possible @ 20€ per person, payable on location.
  • Pit boxes are not available on this location.
  • Driver briefings either verbally or in writing.
  • Driver briefings either verbally or in writing.
  • strong>- Both overtaking [left & right] and outbraking are allowed.
  • This event presents an excellent test opportunity for (professional) racing drivers.
  • Track day enthusiasts are equally welcome, as this is a safe group to be with.
  • No race licence requirement.
  • Helmets obligatory for drivers ánd passengers.
  • For safety reasons it is advised to wear long sleeves and pants [jeans].

test track days

About the cars

Invitation list
  • Both road going and race cars.
  • Pre-war, classic cars, youngtimers and modern cars.
  • Single seaters subject to driver’s experience.
  • No monospace/family/3wheeler cars permitted.
Important notes
  • Cars must comply with the min. safety standards below.
  • Cars must have at least one towing eye, on the front of the car.
  • Tape your headlights.
  • Although not obligatory, we recommend you have a fire extinguisher in your car.
  • All tyres eligible.
  • Note that slick tyres are permitted only if cars are fitted with a suitable roll-over protection.
  • No roll cage necessary, except for slicks shod cars.
  • Noise restricted to 132dB dynamic !
  • Petrol station available in the paddock. Credit/pin cards only.

Time schedules are provisional until officially confirmed by the officials of this event.

Provisional timeschedule

Day sessions :
07:00H – Administration near the entry of the “Touristenfahrten” Parking lot.
07:45H – Drivers’ Briefing.
08:00H – Open Pit Lane til 16:30 – morning session.
17:00H – Track closed.
18:00H – Paddocks closed.

Any questions?

Should you have any questions about the NORDSCHLEIFE test track DAY, then best leave a message using the message box of the above booking form.