Pau Historic Grand Prix

Pau entries invited

Historic Grand Prix 2019

Street racing at the foot of the Pyrenees

The Pau Historic Grand Prix 24-26 May 2019 (provisional date!) is one of the highlights of the International Historic Motor Racing Calendar. The racing format for this event will see four sessions over the weekend. One free practice and one qualifying on the Saturday and two races on the Sunday.

  • This is an event for pre’72 and under 2L Production Road Sports Cars. But bigger and later period cars, that match the speed and the ambiance of the grid are welcome.
  • You only pay one entry fee for the race weekend, forget those needless membership- and registration-fees.
  • All you need is a national [A] or historic licence.
  • Leave your HTP papers at home, you won’t need them, when racing with us.
  • Are you in doubt  whether your  car would be eligible? Than contact Pieter BAKKER and mail him any question you might have.

Find many pics, results and more of our 2018 participation on facebook.pau historic grand prixJoin in and enjoy four sessions over the weekend. Make absolutely sure that you’re on the Pau Historic Grand Prix grid and pay your 450€ deposit today and the 350€ remainder before 1 April 2018, or … pay the full amount of 750€ all-in-one today, and save 50€.
You’ll receive the payment details in the confirmation mail that you’ll receive when sending this registration mail.

Quickly fill out the form below and … send today!


>>> Sorry to tell you, that it didn’t work out. You’re invited to join us to Zandvoort 10-11-12 May 2019 instead [click here]


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Circuit preview

Click the YouTube below and enjoy the flow of this classic Grand Prix circuit of Pau. The footage below gives a nice impression of the race track. Shots have been taken from the works Swiftune “Willow” green FIA historic Mini – raced  by Nick Swift – scoring victory in its maiden race at the Pau Historic Grand Prix in 2012. Click and enjoy watching …

Pau Historic Grand Prix

Circuit details

Pau is considered to be one of the highlights on the International Historic Motor Racing Calendar. A test of man and machine where the human element still can make a massive difference. The first French GP at Pau was organized in 1930, on a circuit which was similar to the present track, save for the deviation through the Parc Beaumont. While hay bales have given way to metal crash barriers, the circuit follows exactly the same trajectory nearly 80 years on. With its combination of twists and turns, camber changes and kerb-ridden chicanes, Pau retains its challenge  as it has always done.

The track itself is centred around the Parc Beaumont, in the heart of the city, with entry points and grandstands around the course. One remarkable feature of the course is the spectator grandstands, which line the start-finish straight; carefully assembled each year from a kit of concrete and metal beams, they actually overhang a river which runs right alongside the circuit, allowing the spectators to get up close to the action.

We will be staying in the Sernam paddock, which is the only paddock freely accessible every day of the weekend, whereas the Tissié paddock will be closed down as from the Friday morning (no access or exit possible after this).

  • Click here for the Pau track map.
  • Click here for the Sernam Paddock map.
Pau Historic Grand Prix | How to get there
  • Book from the widest choice of cheap ferries at
  • Put this address in your car navigation: Gare de Pau, Avenue Gaston Lacoste, F-64000 Pau.

Chequers Paddock Club

The ‘Chequers Paddock Club’ is the centre of the paddock at the Pau Historic Grand rix. The apéritif before dinner provides all drivers [and teams] with an excellent opportunity to meet and enjoy a refreshment, after a hard days’ work. The ‘Chequers Brasserie’, is offering its restaurant services, which at Pau 2018 will include three breakfasts, three lunches and threeabundant dinners, starting with a Friday morning breakfast and ending the weekend with a Sunday dinner. Enjoy unlimited refreshments during the day and your meals. Apart from the usual mineral water, and sodas, I have some great white and red wines in stock, but perhaps you prefer a Dutch Heineken Export Beer? We have a limited number of 40 seats available, which are sold on a first come, first served basis.

pau historic grand prix chequers paddock clubSince 2015, we’ve added a ‘Chequers Lounge Area’, where you or your party can comfortably chill out in day time, take a refreshment, start your evening with an apéritif or end the evening in style. Unlimited refreshments available all day.

It is the combination of ‘joie de vivre’ and ‘fair competition’ which makes racing in the Legendary Circuits Series the ‘Ultimate Motor Sport Experience’.

pau historic grand prix guarantee

Driver notes


The number of entries we accept, is always limited to the number of cars which are allowed to race. You therefore will never end up on any reserve list. Once your entry has been confirmed, you are guaranteed to race.

  • he minimum race licence requirement is a National A, historic or EU licence.
  • Although we strongly advise the use of HANS, it is not obligatory for this event.
  • Driver clothing must be in accordance with the latest FIA regulations [check expiry dates].
  • Own secluded and uncovered paddock area.
  • Camping allowed in the paddock.
  • Showers and toilets available in the paddock.
  • Trailer car park available and obligatory – NO TRAILERS allowed in our paddock!
  • Plenty of comfortable hotels and B&B opportunities available in the area.

All drivers/teams will receive one commemorative trophy to remember the weekend .

About the cars

Invitation List
  • Pre’72 Production Road Sports Cars under 2L.
  • 2L+  cars are invited in the ‘invitation class’.
  • Younger and bigger cars that fit the ambianceof the grid are welcome.


Are you in doubt  whether your  car would be eligible? Than contact Pieter BAKKER and mail him any question you might have.

Reg’s in short
  • No noise restrictions, but please keep it sensible.
  • Chronolec transponders must be obtained from the circuit, at 40€ a piece. And a deposit to the value of €250, alternatively your race licence, must be left in the administration.
  • Cars will use own race numbers.
  • Wheels and/or tyres are free, but must fit the body.
  • Dunlop Historic Racing Tyres, Avon CR6 ZZ Historic Racing Tyres, are obligatory for the 3L+ invitation class.
  • Cars under 3L changing to the quicker rubber, will be upgraded one class.
  • Cars with roll bars are allowed to race in closed or open configuration.
  • Cars with full roll-cages are allowed to race with either hard- or soft-top.
  • Cars are allowed to race without FIA HTP, Vehicle Identification Form or Heritage Certificate.
  • Safety specs as per latest version of art. 5 of the ‘FIA App. K regulations’. Do not forget to check the expiry dates of your chair and safety gear [click the box in the side bar].
  • And please  take notice of the ‘Legendary Circuits Series regulations’ [click the box in the side bar].
    pau historic grand prix time schedule

This time schedule is provisional until officially confirmed by the officials of this event.
Last update : 10 June 2018.

Pau Historic Grand Prix | Time schedule

Provisional time schedule for the weekend
Thursday 23 May 2019

14:00H – Paddock open to the participating teams.
18:00H – Late arrival of the Chequers Paddock Club and its Crew.
18:30H – Building the Chequers Paddock Club.

Friday 24 May 2019

09:00H – Building the Chequers Paddock Club.
10:00H – Signing on.
10:00H – Scrutineering.

30H – Paddock Club – Lunch break til 14:00H.

17:30H – Drivers Briefing [obligatory for all drivers] in the Tissié paddock.
19:00H – Chequers Paddock Club – Dinner til 21:00H.
24:00H – Chequers Paddock Club closed.

Saturday 25 May 2019

08:00H – Chequers Paddock Club – Breakfast til 09:30H.
11:05H – Free practice – 25 min’s.
12:30H – Paddock Club – Lunch break til 14:00H.
16:45H – Qualifying – 25 min’s.
18:00H – Chequers Paddock Club – Apéritif.
19:00H – Chequers Paddock Club – Dinner til 21:00H.
24:00H – Chequers Paddock Club closed.

Sunday 26 May 2019

08:00H – Chequers Paddock Club – Breakfast til 09:30H.
09:20H – Race #1 – 25 min’s.
12:00H – Chequers Paddock Club – Lunch break til 14:00H.
14:00H – Race #2 – 25 min’s.
18:00H – Chequers Paddock Club – Apéritif + Commemorative Trophies for all drivers.
19:00H – Chequers Paddock Club – Dinner til 21:00H.
22:00H – Chequers Paddock Club closed.
22:30H – Breaking down Chequers paddock Club.

Monday 27 May 2019

06:00H – Breaking down Chequers Paddock Club.
09:00H – Departure.

Any questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact Pieter BAKKER and mail him any question you might have concerning the Pau Historic Grand Prix 2019.

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