Spa 3 Hours

Spa 3 Hours 2018

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The Spa 3 Hours was a totally new event on the 2016 European Historic Racing Calendar, and turned out to be an instant success. It was the combination of such legendary circuit with the quality grid of the Spa 3 Hours, which instantly established this event as the new long distance race for the future. Unlike its sister-event, you’ll find no big spenders and professional teams on the Spa 3 Hours grid. This is a grid especially for the enthusiasts, the people that carry motor sport in their hearts, people like you. The next date, has been officially confirmed and set to: Thursday thru Saturday 21-23 June 2018.

  • Although your first day of the Spa 3 Hours weekend is a – paid for – track day, this opportunity will leave you with little or no time to make the necessary upgrades to be competitive in the Spa 3 Hours.
  • We all know that Spa-Francorchamps is one of the most challenging race tracks in the world, so you better go well prepared.
  • Your  early testing date, will give you the comfort and joy of making the necessary upgrades at home.

spa 3 hours

Spa test opportunities were sold out early last year, so don’t be left out in the cold, but act today. Still two dates available …

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>> Click the YouTube below and witness a super fair, but competitive fight til the finish line, between two of our entrants, David Thompson on 1963 TVR Granture MkIII up front, with snapping at his heels Richard Wilson on MGB Roadster.

Dave Thompson’s comment after the race: “Richard, so glad you posted this YouTube. It was a great run to the flag and you certainly put the pressure on. It was getting really slippery as the rain came down and you can see I start to run wide as the Dunlop Historics struggle to cope. Thanks for a great few laps.”


Circuit of Spa – Francorchamps

Track details

Designed in 1920, the original triangle-shaped course used public roads between the Belgian towns of Francorchamps, Malmedy and Stavelot. With 14.120km of track, it was not only one of the bigger circuits, but also the fastest road circuit in Europe, at the time. The circuit was first used for Grand prix races in 1925. In 1969, the Belgian Grand Prix was boycotted by F1 because of the extreme danger of Spa. Gradually safety precautionary measures were put in place, until in 2007 the Grand Prix circuit was totally revamped and shortened to a total length of 7.004km [4.352mls].

Spa 3 Hours | How to get there

Although located in the centre of the Ardennes mountains, surrounded by forest, its location still is very accessible from all sides. Whether you are coming from the UK or mainland Europe, you’ll enjoy a comfortable journey.

  • Travel map with distances to the Spa Francorchamps circuit. 
  • Book from the widest choice of cheap ferries at ‘’.
  • Put this address in your car navigation: Route du Circuit 55, 4970 Stavelot, Belgium.
  • Coordinates are latitude: 50.441412 and longitude: 5.967497 .

Spa 3 Hours

Driver notes for the Spa 3 Hours itself

Signing on

The Spa 3 Hours is one of the best long distance events at Spa – Francorchamps and and turned into an instant success, already in its first year, in 2016. Should you be interested to join this event, you best visit the official Spa 3 Hours website.

  • Minimum race licence requirement National A or EU licence. Licences must always show an EU flag!
  • No need to buy an expensive international racing licence.
  • Mandatory two pit stops of 60 seconds standstill for all the cars, between 30th & 150th minute.
  • Two/three driver teams are welcome.
  • The drivers of the Spa 3 Hours  are invited to take advantage of the new F1 stands.
  • Although we advise the use of HANS, it is not obligatory for this event.

Winners of all classes are invited to the Winners Rostrum.

About the cars

Invitation list
  • Historic Road Sports ánd Touring Cars up to and including 1976.
  • You’ll recognize that period style and originality are key factors.
Reg’s in short
  • Max. noise level on the Thursday 103 dB [dynamic] and during the weekend 107 dB [dynamic].
  • Transponders can be rented on location.
  • Historic tyres are welcome and alternatives in consultation.
  • Safety spec as per latest version of ‘art. 5 of the FIA App. K regulations’ [click the box in the side bar].

The number of cars that are accepted, is always limited to the number of cars which are allowed to race. You will therefore never end up on any reserve list. Once your entry has been confirmed, you are guaranteed to race.
Spa 3 Hours
This time schedule of the Spa 3 Hours is provisional until officially confirmed by the officials of this event.
Last update 31 January 2018.

Provisional timetable

Wednesday 20 June 2018

20:00H – Access to the paddock til 22:30H.

Thursday 21 June 2018

07:00H – Access to the circuit til 22:00H.
08:00H – Signing on Spa 3 Hours til 19:00H.
09:05H – Private testing sessions til 17:55H.
13:00H – Safety scrutineering  Spa 3 Hours til 18:00H.

Friday 22 June 2018

07:00H – Access to the circuit til 22:00H.
08:00H – Signing on Spa 3 Hours til 18:45H.
11:00H – Safety scrutineering Spa 3 Hours til 16:30H.
12:00H – Paddock Club – Abundant dinner til 13:30H.
17:00H – Driver’s Briefing – 1st floor Pit Building Room # 132.
19:45H – Qualifying – 45 min’s.

Saturday 23 June 2018

18:55H – Spa 3 Hours Race til 21:55H.


Spa 3 Hours