Spridget 60 Meet

Pau entries invited

Spridget 60 Meet 2018

An important historic event, where the world meets!

The Spridget 60 Meet will be organized from Friday to Sunday 27-28-29 July 2018. The weekend starts with an open pit lane track day on the Friday, so loads of track time are available in order to [re-] acquaint yourself with the Historic Grand Prix Track, in the Netherlands. This race is for Austin Healey Sprites, MG Midgets and all derivatives, with a free choice of tyres, but no slicks. Already registrations arrived from Japan, the U.S., the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands. And … the first ever works Sebring Sprite will attend too, so will the 1967  + 1969 Targa Florio cars.

  • You only pay one entry fee for the race weekend, forget those needless membership- and registration-fees.
  • All you need is a national [A] or EU licence.
  • Leave your HTP papers at home, you won’t be needing them.
  • Historic cars and/or cars on the Historic Dunlop tyres will race in separate classes from modified and/or cars on Yokohama a.o. tyres.
  • Receive a 50% discount on your second entry, the Zandvoort Classic!
  • Are you in doubt  whether your  car would be eligible? Than contact Pieter BAKKER and mail him any question you might have

spridget 60 meet

Make sure that you’re part of this once in a lifetime opportunity to join the Spridget 60 Meet and register your interest by transferring your 250€ deposit today and the 225€ remainder before 1 June 2018, or … pay the full amount of 450€ all-in-one today, and save 25€.
You’ll receive the payment details in the confirmation mail that you’ll receive when sending this registration mail.

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spridget 60 meet visitors


Should you come to Zandvoort as a spectator, than it is good to know that access to the circuit, on the Friday and the Saturday, is free. The Friday is a Track Day for competition and competitive street cars. Tickets to participate on this Track Day can be bought on location and on the day only. Visitors are invited to participate The Main Gate opens at 07:30H and registering starts as from 08:00H in Room #8, above the pit boxes. Late afternoon the first race cars will arrive in the Technical Centre for their technical scrutineering. The Saturday morning will start from 07:30H with technical scrutineering, followed by the qualifying sessions and one or two races. On the Sunday, the first 100 visitors, arriving in their classic car, are allowed free access to the circuit. And that includes the co-driver. Cars are invited to park in the Zandvoort paddock. Should you want to play it safe, visitors can now buy their tickets on-line. The first race on tyhe Sunday will start at 09:00H. The day will close somewhere after 17:00H.

spridget 60 meet circuit preview

Circuit preview

Never been to this historic Grand Prix track before? Click the YouTube below and enjoy the flow of this classic Grand Prix circuit of Zandvoort. See how the Morgan’s fight it out together and you’ll understand why this circuit always delivered the most spectacular F1 race of the season in period. Click and enjoy watching …


Spridget 60 Meet 2018

Circuit details

The first Zandvoort street race was organized on June 3, 1939. A permanent race track was only constructed until after WWII. The circuit was inaugurated on August 7, 1948 and it was in 1949, that we saw the first Dutch Grand prix. Through the years the circuit length varied until the current circuit was constructed in 1999 with a length of 4.300 kilometers (2.672 mls). The circuit of Zandvoort is located only 75mtrs away from the sea front. Surrounded by a beautiful dunes area, north of the little beach town Zandvoort, the circuit is rather undulating and features many elevation changes. The corners are of many different cambers and angles. Particularly the notorious ‘Scheivlak’ corner, which goes up and down and to the right, all at the same time. The ‘Tarzan’ hairpin at the end of the straight still is one of the most famous corners in motor racing today.

  • For the Circuit Zandvoort Racing Line click the YouTube below.
  • Track map Circuit Zandvoort.
How to get there
  • Map – Travel distances to Zandvoort.
  • Book from the widest choice of cheap ferries at ferrysavers.com.
  • Put this addres in your car navigation: Burgemeester van Alphenstraat 108, NL-2041KP Zandvoort.
  • Coordinates latitude : 52.392467, longitude : 4.553888.

Chequers Paddock Club

The ‘Chequers Paddock Club’ is the centre of the paddock at the Zandvoort Oldtimer Festival. The Apéritif before dinner provides all drivers [and teams] with an excellent opportunity to meet and enjoy a refreshment, after a hard days’ work. The ‘Chequers Brasserie’, is offering its restaurant services, which at Zandvoort in 2018 will include two breakfasts, two lunches and two abundant dinners, starting with a Friday evening dinner and ending the weekend with a Sunday lunch. Enjoy unlimited refreshments during the day and your meals. Apart from the usual mineral water, and sodas, I have some great white and red wines in stock, but perhaps you prefer a Dutch Heineken Export Beer? Seats are always sold on a first come, first serve basis.


spridget 60 meet

With the arrival of a ‘Lounge Area’, the Chequers Paddock Club has gained immense popularity amongst the drivers and their teams. The combination of this ‘joie de vivre’ and the ‘fair competition’ is what makes the ‘Legendary Circuits’ Series stand out and the opportunity you’ve always been looking for.

Since 2015, we’ve added a ‘Chequers Lounge Area’, where you or your party can comfortably chill out in day time, take a refreshment, start your evening with an apéritif or end the evening in style. Unlimited refreshments available all day.

It is the combination of ‘joie de vivre’ and ‘fair competition’ which makes racing in the Legendary Circuits Series the ‘Ultimate Motor Sport Experience’.


zandvoort oldtimer festival

Driver notes


The number of entries we accept, is always limited to the number of cars which are allowed to race. You therefore will never end up on any reserve list. Once your entry has been confirmed, you are guaranteed to race.

  • Minimum race licence requirement National A or EU licence. Licences must always show an EU flag!
  • If you visit from outside the EU, ask your National ASN for an authorisation to race in this EU event.
  • Although we advise the use of HANS, it is not obligatory for this event.
  • Driver clothing must be in accordance with the latest FIA regulations [check expire dates].
  • Entries are subject to the Legendary Circuits Series regulations as found on this website.
  • Two-driver teams are welcome.
  • You will NOT be needing any entry- and/or paddock-tickets upon arrival for team members and motorhomes.
  • Trailers – even if a toolbox is fixed to the trailer – are NOT allowed in the paddock.
  • Paddock lay-out and entry-list will be added to the facebook album, in the week before the event. Results sheets two days after.
  • Own secluded paddock area, where camping is allowed.
  • NH Hotel opposite the main gate of the Circuit of Zandvoort [walking distance]. Click here and book on-line.
  • Plenty of comfortable country hotels and B&B opportunities available in the area.

Note: Teams camping in the paddock are requested to move to the parking lot behind the Grand Stand right after the event.


All drivers will receive a  commemorative trophy to remember the weekend .

About the cars

Invitation list
  • This race is for Austin Healey Sprites, MG Midgets and all derivatives,
Reg’s in short
  • Max. noise level 92 dB dynamic.
  • Window nets or arm restraints are compulsary in Holland. Arm restraints can be bought on location.
  • Transponders can be rented on location.
  • Wheels and/or tyres are free [no slicks], but must fit the body.
  • Cars are allowed to race without FIA HTP, Vehicle Identification Form or Heritage Certificate.
  • Safety spec as per latest version of art. 5 of the ‘FIA App. K regulations’ [click the box in the side bar].
  • This event is subject to the ‘Legendary Circuits regulations’ [click the box in the side bar].

spridget 60 meet

This time schedule is provisional until officially confirmed by the officials of this event.
Last update : 15 August 2017.

Spridget 60 Meet – Timeschedule

Provisional timeschedule for the weekend [3 days]
Friday 27 July 2018 – Track day Open Pit Lane

Tickets to participate in this Track Day can be bought on location and on the day only.
You’ll find the Track Day administration in VIP Room #8, above the pit boxes.

07:30H – Main gate open.
08:00H – Registering in VIP Room #8.
08:45H – Briefing morning session [obligatory for all Track Day drivers].
09:00H – Open pit lane morning session til 12:00H.

11:45H – Briefing afternoon session [obligatory for all drivers].
12:00H – Open pitlane afternoon session til 17:00H.
17:00H – TC Building – Signing on + Scrutineering til 19:00H
18:00H – Chequers Paddock Club – Apéritif
19:00H – Chequers Paddock Club – Dinner til 21:00H
23:00H – Paddock closed.
24:00H – Chequers Paddock Club closed.
Saturday 28 July 2018 – Qualifying

07:30H – Main gate open.
08:00H – Chequers Paddock Club – Breakfast til 09:30H.
08:00H – TC Building – Signing on + Scrutineering til 13:00H
11:00H – TC Building  – Drivers briefing [obligatory for all drivers ! ]
12:30H – Chequers Paddock Club – Lunch break til 14:00H.
15:00H – Qualifying – 25 min’s.
18:00H – Paddock Club – Apéritif
19:00H – Chequers Paddock Club – Dinner til 21:00H
23:00H – Paddock closed.
24:00H – Chequers Paddock Club closed.

Sunday 29 July 2018 – Races

08:00H – Chequers Paddock Club – Breakfast til 09:30H.
10:05H – Race #1 – 25 min’s.
12:30H – Chequers Paddock Club – Lunch break til 14:00H.
15:30H – Race #2 – 25 min’s.
15:45H – Chequers Paddock Club – Commemorative Trophies for all drivers.
17:00H – End of the Spridget 60 Meet.

Any questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact Pieter BAKKER and mail him any question you might have concerning the Spridget 60 Meet.

zandvoort oldtimer festival