Stylish menswear for the modern man, and occasional woman

Suixtil, the leading manufacturer of 1950’s GP Racing Clothing  and the Legendary Circuits Series, the ultimate 1950-60’s motor sport experience, have entered into an official partnership. Legendary Circuits Series will offer its media services and expertise to support the sales of such high quality heritage racing wear and Suixtil will offer financial support in return, offering the Legendary Circuits Series a commission on all sales generated only when using this link to the Suixtil on-line webshop << click here.



1950 – Fangio, chatting with Maurice Trintignant, and Gonzalez on the right, both wearing the Suixtil Angoulême Race Shirt.


Suixtil is a name recognized by those who value speed, tradition and demand only the finest. Suixtil is a stylish menswear brand, producing clothing & accessories for the modern man, and occasional woman, based on the exact styles and designs made for motor racing legends from the 1950’s and 60’s. The Suixtil racing uniforms have been worn by many Formula One racing heroes including Juan Manuel Fangio, Jose Froilan Gonzales, Jean Behra, Maurice Trintignant, Mike Hawthorn, Peter Collins, Stirling Moss, Jo Bonnier and many others known throughout the world as some of the greatest drivers in history.

For many people, motor racing in the 1950’s represented the true glory and best moments of the sport.  A time when Grand Prix drivers doubled as mechanics, when simple straw bales separated cheering spectators from the action, when things were built to last.  More than the cars, the people around the cars were driven by their common passions and camaraderie.  The respect for tradition, the love of the automobile and its glorious history is exactly what fuels the partnership between Suixtil and the Legendary Circuits Series.



2015 – Of course you’ll be visiting your next Goodwood Festival of Speed or the Revival meeting wearing your own Suixtil Monaco Race Jacket.


The Suixtil design team strives to achieve the highest degree of comfort by crafting apparel and accessories made from exceptional fabrics and materials. Suixtil designs with driving in mind, careful testing to ensure against any displeasure while behind the wheel. By combining the best of iconic designs with advanced technology of today we achieve exceptional garments for those who value heritage and quality.

Suixtil is also about history, about applauding our past and celebrating our future. We believe one of the best ways to carry on the legacy of Suixtil is by creating high quality products which will last into the future and you enjoy wearing.

Now combine your passion with your support of the Legendary Circuits Series and buy your own piece of Grand Prix Racing Heritage by using this link to the Suixtil on-line webshop << click here to visit the Suixtil shop.

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