Test Track Days

Test Track Days 2020

Test Track Days are that popular nowadays, that it seems everybody is organizing them. But hey, would you learn how to fly, from an amateur? Hell no! And would you learn how to race from an amateur? Well, actually many of us do! Bare in mind, that most test track days are being organized by people, who never sat behind the wheel of a racing car themselves. Good to know, that with Legendary Circuits Series you’ve come to the right place. We are the people that actually race on these legendary and challenging circuits.

Enjoying my motor racing already since my early youth, I thought it could be helpful to put a ‘pen to paper’. When you are registering for your first test track days with me, I’ll send you a free copy of my ‘Track Day Tips’ guide. When reading the contents you’ll recognize that it covers many areas, where you could easily improve.

It would be pretty arrogant to expect, that you’ll find many new tips & tricks inside, but … we all know that speed depends on so many details. If I could only help you to find one little piece of the puzzle, that would already be great. Join in and enjoy !

Expert Drivers and Novices invited * NO race licence requirement.

All cars accepted, including ordinary road cars.

Spa Open PitlaneNow with FREE ‘Track Day Tips’ guide.

Test / Track Day Car Hire Service Available.

On many occasions before did we receive a big compliment from the Clerk of the Course. It seems that contrary to many other track day groups, our Test Track Day group proves to be a very disciplined, relaxed and a safe group to be with !

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Test Track Days Calendar 2020

Bilster Berg [GER]
Open Pit Lane – 120dB dynamic
Find your Bilster Berg date & price on the registration form inside << click here.

Nürburgring/Nordschleife [GER]
Open Pit Lane – 132dB dynamic
Find all dates & prices on the registration form inside << click here.

Spa – Francorchamps [B]
Open Pit Lane – 103dB dynamic
Find your Spa dates & prices on the registration form inside << click here.

Zandvoort [NL]
On the new F1 circuit
Open Pit Lane – 92dB dynamic
Find your Zandvoort dates & prices on the registration form inside << click here.

Zolder [B]
Open Pit Lane – 95dB dynamic
Find your Zolder dates & prices on the registration form inside << click here.

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Test Track Days

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