ZANDVOORT test track DAY

ZANDVOORT test track DAY ‘s 2020

The ZANDVOORT test track DAY is an increasingly popular event amongst drivers.  The combination of a track and beach resort, is what makes this event unique in Europe. On track you’ll find an interesting mix of both historic and modern cars.

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  • Outbraking, as well as overtaking [left and right], are allowed. 
  • Reduce your costs and take as many drivers and/or passengers as you would like.
  • Expert Drivers and Novices welcome, no race licence requirement.
  • Your group is a safe and disciplined group to be with.
  • Great opportunity in preparation for either the Trophy of the DunesHistoric Zandvoort Trophy, Benelux Open Races, Porsche Days, Historic Grand Prix, ADAC GT Masters, ADAC Noordzee Cup or the Zandvoort 500.
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ZANDVOORT test track DAY

Don’t miss the opportunity to put such legendary and challenging circuit on your CV. Take your spouse or a friend and hop into town or visit one of the countless sea side restaurants to finish the day off. Zandvoort, the beach resort and the relaxed ambiance of this event is what makes the ZANDVOORT test track DAY a truly unique opportunity.


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About the Circuit of Zandvoort

Track details

Circuit Zandvoort is only 75m. away from the sea front. Located in the dunes area, north of the little beach town Zandvoort, the circuit is rather undulating and features many elevation changes. The corners are of many different cambers and angles. Particularly the notorious ‘Scheivlak’ corner, which goes up and down and to the right, all at the same time. The ‘Tarzan’ hairpin at the end of the straight still is one of the most famous corners in motor racing today.

Total circuit length is 4.307km / 2.676mls and find your track map of the Circuit of Zandvoort.

>> If you’re considering to join in, than don’t forget to view the YouTube below. It will give you a good idea about the challenging characteristics of this dunes-circuit;

Zandvoort | How to get there
  • Map Travel distances to Zandvoort .
  • Book from the widest choice of cheap ferries at .
  • Put this addres in your car navigation: Burgemeester van Alphenstraat 108, 2041KP Zandvoort, the Netherlands.
  • Coordinates latitude : 52.392467, longitude : 4.553888.
  • Plenty of comfortable country hotels and B&B available.

ZANDVOORT test track DAY

Driver notes


The number of cars we accept, is always limited to the number of cars which are allowed to drive. You therefore will never end up on any reserve list. Once your entry has been confirmed, you are guaranteed to drive.

Money-Back-Guarantee !

Should the weather prevent us from driving on your scheduled ZANDVOORT test track DAY, you will receive a voucher, which can be used for any next event and at your own convenience.

Upon arrival
  • Find the Administration upon arrival in VIP Room #17.
  • Driver briefings are either verbally or in writing.
  • All drivers – and that includes guest drivers – are certified members.  Annual membership fee 40€, payable on location only.
  • Unlimited drivers and/or passengers per car possible @ 20€ per person, payable on location only.
  • Private pit boxes, for about 6-8 cars, can be rented directly from the circuit at about 100€/box, payable on location only.
  • Both overtaking [left & right] and outbraking are allowed. You will understand that you only perform these activities in a social and sensible manner.
  • General driving behavior will be monitored permanently by the Clerk of the Course and his Team.
  • This event presents an excellent opportunity for both (professional) racing drivers ánd track day enthusiasts.
  • No race licence requirement.
  • Helmets obligatory for drivers ánd passengers.
  • For safety reasons it is advised to wear long sleeves and pants [jeans].

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About the cars

Invitation list
  • Both road going and race cars.
  • Pre-war, classic cars, youngtimers and modern cars.
  • Single seaters subject to driver’s experience.
  • No monospace/family/3wheeler cars permitted.
Important notes
  • Cars must comply with the min. safety standards below.
  • Cars must have at least one towing eye, on the front of the car.
  • Tape your headlights.
  • Although not obligatory, we recommend you have a fire extinguisher in your car.
  • All tyres eligible.
  • Note that slick tyres are permitted only if cars are fitted with a suitable roll-over protection.
  • No roll cage necessary, except for slicks shod cars.
  • Noise restricted to 92dB, dynamic check.
  • Petrol station available just outside the main gate.


ZANDVOORT test track DAY
Time schedules are provisional until officially confirmed by the officials of this event.

ZANDVOORT test track DAY

Provisional Timeschedule.
Day sessions :

08:00H – Administration in VIP Room #17.
08:45H – Drivers’ Briefing | verbal.
09:00H – Open Pit Lane until 12:00H.

11:00H – Administration in VIP Room #17.
11:45H – Drivers’ Briefing | verbal.
12:00H – Open Pit Lane until 17:00H.

Evening sessions :

16:00H – Administration in VIP Room #17.
16:45H – Drivers’ Briefing | verbal.
17:00H – Open Pit Lane until 19:00H.

18:00H – Administration in VIP Room #17.
18:45H – Drivers’ Briefing | verbal.
19:00H – Open Pit Lane until 21:30H.

Any questions?

Should you have any question about your ZANDVOORT  test track DAY, than best contact Pieter BAKKER and mail him any question you might have.

ZANDVOORT test track DAY