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Motorsport as it used to be



Welcome to the Legendary Circuits Series, the first and only motor sport series based on circuits. The choice of circuits being limited to only the most legendary Grand Prix circuits, which still remain.

Cherry pick from the calendar

There are different advantages to be had from not being a championship, as you can now cherry pick from your calendar at your own comfort. Another advantage being that you’ll never end up as just another gridfiller, but instead you’ll enjoy a fresh start to your weekend, every weekend you’ll join in.

You don’t get lost in the crowd

‘Legendary Circuits’ Series is a small  club, so you don’t get lost in the crowd. We all know each other and share the same ‘old fashioned’ racing ethics, while enjoying the most legendary GP circuits and their ambiance.

One entry fee for the weekend

You’re only paying your entry fee for the weekend, so you can forget about these needless membership- and registration-fees, other clubs will charge you. And you’ll be saving money on your race licence too, because when racing in the Legendary Circuits Serier you’ll be racing on a national race licence !

Production Road Sports Car

You can participate in the Legendary Circuits Series events with a pre’72 and under 2L Production Road Sports Car. But basically any Production Road Sports Car that matches the speed and the ambiance of the grid is welcome. This includes bigger ánd later period cars. Are you in doubt whether your car would be eligible? Don’t hesitate to use the contact form to mail me any question you might have.

Regulations that fit one A4 page

This ‘production road sports grid’ is using regulations that fit one A4 page, simple and crystal clear. You can either  use vintage or competition tyres. But be prepared to race in a quicker class, when you arrive on quicker rubber.  It adds to the competition and saves the guys on vintage rubber from having to make unnecessary expenses. The 3+L cars, w/o exception, race on Avons or Dunlop Historics, which gives the smaller cars, but dependent on which track, a realistic chance of winning the race.

Test & Track Days

Traditionally, we’ll be kicking off the new race season with our Test & Track Days as from early March. These one-day events are all-comer events, where ordinary road cars ánd race cars are invited. Touring Cars, GT’s, sports cars and single seaters, either pre-war or modern, are all welcome. You do not necessarily need a race licence to join in.

Chequers Paddock Club

We all greatly value the comfort of our paddock and carry a professional hospitality area around Europe, which we convert into our Chequers Paddock Club with Lounge & Brasserie. The club is where we all meet  and have a chat over the weekend. This service is definitely the best way to quickly plug-in into the paddock. Our Brasserie offers its high quality services at reasonable prices, which makes it an excellent opportunity to enjoy your weekend with spouse and/or team.

Your ultimate motor sport experience

The Legendary Circuits Series has got all the ingredients, to offer you the ultimate motor sport experience.


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Legendary Circuits Series